Synthesis Laboratory


The CXS Synthesis laboratory is primarily used for the synthesis of nanometre scale crystals and device structures. Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) permits the synthesis of complex transition metal-oxide materials such as vanadates, cuprates and manganites as thin films or as heterostructures. Our laboratory houses a 248 nm KrF and a 193 nm ArF excimer laser, both of which are routinely used for pulsed laser deposition and laser-assisted fabrication. The CXS Synthesis laboratory is also equip with two thermal vacuum tube furnaces and various gases for nanoscale crystal synthesis via thermal CVD. The synthesis equipment is supported by an optical table and accompanying overhead rack for electrical equipment.

X-ray Diffraction Laboratory


The CXS X-ray diffraction laboratory houses two Rigaku microfocus rotating anode X-ray generators (Cu, Mo) housed in a single X-ray enclosure. This setup is ideally suited for nanoscale crystal structure determination and streamlined sample preparation for advanced lens-less X-ray imaging techniques such as Bragg Coherent X-ray Diffraction Imaging (BCXDI) as performed at synchrotron facilities such as the Diamond Light Source.