The Interactive Phase Retrieval Suite

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What is Bonsu?

Bonsu, the interactive phase retrieval suite, is the first software package for phase retrieval with real-time visualisation in both two and three dimensions. It is complete with an inventory of algorithms and routines for data manipulation and reconstruction.

Bonsu is open-source, is designed around the python language and is largely platform independent. It is also able to handle data in formats such as:

* HDF5
* NumPy

No data? No problem! DiffSim provides efficient means to simulate diffraction patterns.

To discover new features planned for future releases, please view the road map.

A General Tool for Phase Retrieval...

Bonsu aims to be an encompassing tool to enable scientific users in differing circles to easily share and analyse data while maintaining reproducibility in results across the board.

A major design goal is to provide the user with a complete set of tools for data reconstruction and visualisation. Emphasis is placed on three-dimensional imaging while two-dimensional support is also provided.


Official releases are available for download here.


Online documentation is available here and includes installation instructions.

A PDF version of the documentation is available here.

Documentation is also available in the application.

Enterprise Solutions

Do you require enterprise grade solutions for CDI data analysis and reconstruction?

CDI Suite is the enterprise version of Bonsu. Please get in touch or visit the CDI Works website for further details.


M. Newton